2019 Shawnigan Lake Fire Department Members
Photo Credit: Malcolm Chalmers Photography
Here is a list of current members of the Shawnigan Lake Fire Department, as well as honorary lifetime members.


Chief – Keith Shields
Deputy Chief – Wes Hyde


Captain – Stu Trotter
Captain – James Dickinson
Lieutenant – Tiffany Newman
Lieutenant – Trevor Pyne-Mercier
Lieutenant – Dean Stennes
Lieutenant – Brett Malcolm

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Heather Plumb


Alan Sutherland
Dave Bremner
Derek Porter
Paul Gallagher
Dave Clark
Nathan Boyne
Ken Napier
Tim Taylor
Jordan Feenstra
Miles Peterson
Kelsey McDaniel
Jim Kennes
Curtis Riddell
Courtney Vermette
Curtis Brewer
Alex Labute
Rhonda Callow
Sabio Arsenault
Jake McFarlane
Mark Jaeger
Vikki Agate
Khyle Guignard
Duncan Mathieson
Chris Pastro
Tyler Bannerman
Jayden Mclain (Probationer)
Chris Machek (Probationer)
Rupert Burnard (Probationer)
Jeff Elliot (Probationer)
Matt Pastro (Probationer)
Sean Labrosse (Probationer)
David Nicholas (Probationer)



Honorary Lifetime Members

Bud Brazier
Wayne Bamford
Jim Southwell
Rob Chatton
Glen Sanders
Don Higgins
George Dalrymple
Mike Wright
Dan Fries
Dave Cech


Steve Vaughan

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